Why when how what we buy
Why when how what we buy

Jobs our future Commerce Analyst has right now

As you may have heard, I’m building up a Commerce Team here at Gawker Media. This means we’re going to be seeking new types of talent that our organization has never seen before. But these folks need not come strictly from ecommerce…

Here are some gigs you might have had if you’re applying to be our Commerce Analyst —

  • eBay store owner
  • Sales operations analyst
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Forecasting / inventory analyst
  • Google analytics nerd
  • Media planner
  • Merchandiser
  • Ad trafficker
  • Email marketer
  • Spreadsheet monkey
  • Audience development analyst
  • Social media number cruncher
  • Disenchanted ibanker
  • AdWords marketer
  • Shopify store owner
  • Addicted shopper

…all with a healthy addiction for ecommerce and retail on the side.

You might say, how do all these relate? They involve either quantitative skills and critical thinking (that are exactly what this position requires) or the early phases of ecommerce analysis (which, same).


That said, applicants in the above situations (or anything else we haven’t named) should absolutely have a strong interest in the coming intersection of content + commerce. That’s the necessary passion that gets you here beyond your past experience. 

And, tell us about that passion! If you’re a sales ops analyst or an ibanker applying for a commerce position, we’re going to need some insight into what motivates your new direction.

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