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Why when how what we buy

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Twitter is rolling out an ecommerce experiment with AMEX. As AMEX has done these social / commerce integrations before, it's hard to know if the momentum here is coming from Twitter or AMEX. But either way, it's clear others are realizing what we have — there is a lot of purchase activity out there that publishers and networks can drive and get credit for. In related news, I'm actually surprised that it's Twitter that's getting AMEX card numbers instead of Facebook. I've had a long lurking theory that Facebook would become both a standard for digital identity (already achieved) and digital payment (something that seems so natural with its always-on authentication footprint around the web right now). But whoa, Twitter just might beat them to it. Still, this area has only just begun so let's call off any bets.

I'm really excited about Kinja. It has a sense of who-the-fuck-knows-what-might-happen about it that is quite energizing. But mostly, I'm excited about the long tail content opportunities and the ways that long tail might interact with or become the head. Paging Chris Anderson.


And because Asia Pacific's ecommerce scene in 2016 (653 million online buyers predicted) is going to make North America's current market (164 million online buyers now) seem positively embarrassing, we should all be taking Mandarin lessons and moving to Shanghai. You heard it here first.

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